IT Hosting

Website Hosting

Accela/ACI supports hosting of static and data-driven websites including e-Commerce sites in both IIS and Apache environments. We support many different web development standards including ASP, .NET, PHP, ColdFusion, SQL Server and MySQL. We provide custom website maintenance, support, and administration. In addition, you have the ability to manage your content using services such as FTP or a CMS. We provide implementation, training, and support for content management systems (CMS) including Joomla, WordPress, Ensemble, and Contribute.

We support many different web development standards including:

  •  ASP
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • ColdFusion
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL

 Email Hosting

 If Accela/ACI hosts your website, we can also host your email service. Get Email can be configured with client side software (Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) or accessed via the Internet using a web interface. We can provide users with forwarding addresses and aliases with domains hosted with Accela/ACI.  Accela/ACI utilizes industry leading hardware and software, including Barracuda Systems spam filtering and Software Solutions anti-virus from Symantec, to safeguard users from malicious messages. Each user has the ability to whitelist or blacklist email messages using a web interface

 Website Statistics

 Accela/ACI can provide log analysis and website usage feedback with AWstats and Google Analytics. These tools allow you to track the activity of your website including:

  •  Visits
  •  Unique visitors
  •  Entry and exit pages
  •  Time spent onsite
  •  Visits by country and city
  •  Visits by browser or mobile device
  •  Search engines used
  •  Keywords used and much more

Both AWstats and Google Analytics provide online reports with both raw numbers and visual representation of data collected. Accela/ACI can set up these tools and train you on their use. Or we can do the analysis for you and provide monthly reports

 Server Colocation

 Accela/ACI has a very modern system of rack-mounted machines and virtual servers, however, occasionally physical security or intellectual property dictates that your project reside on its own separate hardware, whether it is an entire server, disk array, or single hard-drive. For Accela/ACI customers, we can collocate your server(s) and provide uninterrupted power, cooling, and monitoring of hardware through the use of temperature sensors and internal/external network services. Windows, Linux, and Apple environments are all supported by our knowledgeable network engineers. We can provide scheduled data backups and physical security for client hardware.